Enado began several years ago with a vision to create an affordable, flexible and simple operating system/brain for the modern home-the intelligence and control behind the true ‘smart home’. Enado’s Founder, Adam Kent, with many years’ experience in home automation systems, identified that the home was the equivalent of a dinosaur in technological development compared to other products.


Intelligent integrated control

Developments in automotive technology had delivered a host of features, capabilities and entertainment-much of which was fitted as standard. In the home, however, there was almost no intelligence, no integrated control and hardly any entertainment distribution. The difference was striking-and the home is the place we spend a lot of our time (and is the premium asset of the majority of the population!).The opportunity was to create the technological core of the smart-home—creating the capabilities of the modern car for the home, if you like-and that was what Enado set out to do.

Making things smart

Enado is based in the UK, in Birmingham-Britain’s thriving second-largest city. Management at Enado have vast experience of home automation systems and products, delivered both through OEM partnerships and as own brand products. This experience and vision perfectly positions Enado to address the high-growth potential of smart-home technology.


Home Automation

All encompassing control

Energy Management

Real time feedback and management of energy


Watch, listen, control remotely

Lighting Control

Mood lighting, occupancy detection, house off

Climate Control

Control heat on demand only when needed

Multi-Room Entertainment

Hidden centralised media avaliable in all rooms