Energy Management

Everyone is aware of diminishing resources and increasing costs, energy is clearly high profile and of great concern to many. Energy reduction is all the rage, new energy efficient lighting replacing old hungry fittings, however this is not without its inherent costs. Huge savings can be achieved through the introduction of improved control. The ability to switch off all lights and circuits from any room is a key selling point for many of our systems. Upon leaving the property, one click on your phone could switch off all lights and connected devices on your Enado powered lighting and electrical system, sat down ready to watch a film with the family you can ensure all lights in the property are off by merely selecting a button on your phone or web enabled control.

Heating is a massive burden on our natural resources, in no small part to inefficient controls that see many properties being heated to set patterns regardless of occupancy. How many properties have heating coming on in unused rooms and are pre-programmed to start at 5pm and off at 11pm regardless of presence, not satisfied with the heating coming on when its not required its also heating empty rooms. The key again is improved control and Enado is able to interface with many partner systems to integrate simplified control for the entire home.

Imagine leaving the office and setting the heating to come on for when you arrive home instead of three hours earlier.

Insist on your next heating system being Enado powered.