Anything, Anywhere, Any Screen

The Enado system brings home control and entertainment together in one place - replacing multiple remotes and apps and making all entertainment and home functions available everywhere. Move between any brand of smart-phone, tablet computer, Internet TV or computer and your Enado smart home interface is there. And you get the same, powerful smart-home control whether you are at home or away.

Multi-room TV

The Enado system centralises TV boxes so you only need as many as the number of channels you want to watch at one time—not one-per-room! You’re free to watch any TV channel, in any room, in glorious high definition, without paying extra for multiple subscription TV boxes that you don’t need. Conflicts over TV viewing are a thing of the past. With Enado, your TV can follow you to any room whilst others enjoy theirs.

Energy Management

A powerful, comprehensive home energy management system is an essential requirement for any modern, intelligent smart homeowner or home specifier. With Enado, consumption can be monitored in real time and the power to many functions can be controlled from within or outside the home through any phone, tablet, Internet TV or computer. Single-button power control presets make it easy to control the whole house in one go.

Lighting Control

The Enado system enables virtually unlimited flexibility and control over stunning and atmospheric mood lighting throughout the home and outdoor spaces—through a single, easy-to-use, portable interface. Dim the lights and turn on the garden lighting from your armchair? Turn off the downstairs lighting from the bedroom via your phone? No problem with Enado.

Multi-room Music & radio

Enado brings the convenience of any music, anywhere in the home from an easy-to-use interface with none of the hassle. Coupled with in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, music appears to come from no-where with none of the usual electronic clutter. Having a party? Enado can help you sequence the perfect music background for inside and outside the home.

Security & CCTV Monitoring

Wherever you are, at home or away, Enado lets you see what’s going around your home and gives you peace of mind. Any security camera around the home can be viewed and controlled via a phone, tablet, or computer—so you can check who’s at the gate without leaving the living room, monitor the children in the pool from the kitchen or view the house from the beach.

Beautiful, Clutter-free Interiors

Designers and architects know that one of the big secrets in achieving beautiful home interiors is to avoid the unsightly clutter of modern electronics and cabling. The Enado system makes this possible by hiding equipment away from view in one central location with invisible feeds to each room.

Home Information Dashboard

Enado’s information screen offers quick access to weather, news and more. Check the weather on the way out of the house, or scan the news when you get home from work. Welcome to the connected world of an Enado-powered smart-home.

Remote Door & Gate Control

Smart-home living with Enado offers the benefits of remote monitoring and control of the entrances to your home. Whether it’s welcoming guests or checking on unexpected callers, Enado provides simple, easy control via any of the Enado screens.

Climate Control

Monitor and take control over the interior temperatures of any Enado-enabled room in the house from anywhere, at home or away—that’s smart-home living. Turn on the heating a bit earlier than usual today via your phone on your way home; check you’re not wasting energy heating unoccupied rooms; turn up the bedroom temperature from the sofa just before going to bed; automate temperature based on the time of day—they’re just some of the possibilities with Enado.

Multi-room Gaming

Enjoy the flexibility of using games consoles from any room with the Enado system. No longer is the fun restricted to one room. No longer do you have to keep moving the console around the house. And no longer is there a fight over the TV for the movie or the new game—Enado offers ‘any room, any entertainment’ flexibility.

Flexible System Configuration

The Enado system set up is not set in stone as traditional home control systems have often been. Settings, configurations and options can be changed and updated on the Enado operating software—usually remotely without visit from a specialised installer.

Key Features of our technology

Integrate in the home and to the cloud

Enado™ the brain in the home, facilitates superior control of your product or service through a simple touch screen interface that runs on any web enabled device, smart phone or tablet, regardless of operating system or manufacturer. Partners can not only offer products that can be controlled simply, they can integrate their product via Enado™ with the cloud to deliver information and messages as required.

Utilities, ISP, Telecoms, Media, Set top boxes, Heating, Climate, Lighting, Energy, Appliances can all be seamlessly integrated individually or part of an ever expanding ecosystem.


Develop your core, expand with Enado

Enado™ removes the requirement for our partner to develop technology interfaces for smart phone and tablet control into their core products. Utilising Enado™ with a suitable driver/gateway to the partner product instantly provides control locally and via the web with integration to the cloud available via the partners own hosted servers.

Not only can your product be enabled with state of the art control but two way feedback and archival information can be shared with your web based systems. Direct advertising to your client as they change channel or the heating is also possible with our direct messaging option.



Partner for intelligent energy applications (HAN)

Enado™ as the brain has the capability to provide intelligence both in energy management and control for the home area network. Advanced metering functionality can be implemented with Enado™ connecting the smart meter to home appliances and systems.

Smart meters are coming and time of use/demand response charging is to be implemented in the not to distant future. Enado™ can offer the solution to the prioritising of systems, service and devices, scheduled settings could be enabled with your products to facilitate switching to optimum periods. Heat exchangers could boost before peak rate period's, washing machines, dishwashers etc can be set to operate only off peak. Lights could be dimmed automatically when charges increase, these are some of the opportunities available in the intelligent home run by Enado™.



Assisted living, monitor and control with Enado

Assisted living with Enado™ is an exciting opportunity for solving the ageing population and increasing health care costs. Partnering your solution with Enado™ can empower the family of those in need of additional care to adopt a hands on but remote care that doesn't infringe on the basic privacy of those in need of help.

Many aspects can be integrated including camera monitoring, heating including individual room temperature control even down to assisting with changing the channel on the television.