Home Automation and Control

Ever increasing complexity in the home is creating scenarios where electronic devices are multiplying, cables are increasing and flexibility and ease of use are a thing of the past. Enado is designed to simplify the home by allowing the client to connect all their satellite boxes, blu ray players, media servers, set top boxes, lighting, heating, energy into one common platform that can allow control of all connected devices by any web enabled device, this includes Iphone, Ipad, Android, Tablets, PC's, Mac's, Internet TV's, Google TV's. Not only can the devices be controlled within the property but by connecting the home to the internet full access and control is available anywhere you have an internet connection, including 3G and wi-fi.

It is not just a control system, it has intelligent capabilities built in, allowing complex, what, then if and else scenarios to be constructed.

Several layers of configuration are also available, and due to its web based platform complex changes can be made remotely, reducing if not elimination costly and inconvenient site visits.

Enado is the operating platform to link together all disparate devices in the residential or commercial sector.

Insist on your new purchase being powered by Enado software.