Service Partners

integrate in the home and to the cloud

Enado is very interested to hear from service providers who could supply services onto the Enado platform or could benefit from using the Enado system in the provision of their services.

Examples of relevant services include:

  • Smart-home and home automation installation providers
  • Security providers
  • Audio-video and gaming service providers
  • Home Area Network (HAN) providers
  • Residential Energy Management (REM) providers & Energy Utilities
  • Assisted Living providers
  • Smart-home Advertising/Sponsorship opportunities.


Technology Partners

Hardware Partners



Specialist Partners



Software Partners and Big Data



Integrated Products




Liberate your hardware - powered by Enado

Enado offers its technology to licensees / OEMs wishing to incorporate Enado technology into their products to bring to market under their own brand(s) and be powered by Enado’s innovative technologies.

Whether your brand is well-known in smart-home / home automation technology or is a newcomer, Enado can help provide a state of the art solution that is flexible, inexpensive and forward-looking.

The Enado system can be applied to a wide range of hardware platforms, including:

  • Dedicated home automation controllers
  • Energy monitoring and management products
  • Video switches/matrices
  • Security systems
  • Set top boxes
  • Home hub's and router's
  • Lighting, heating and climate management processors
  • Media servers
  • Smart boilers and heat exchangers
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices
  • Amplifiers, video and audio/surround sound processors
  • Gaming devices
  • ...and more.


Are you an equipment manufacturer or provider?

Enado is keen to hear from equipment manufacturers and providers from a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Home automation
  • Energy management and utilities provision
  • Security / CCTV
  • Video switch/matrix / distribution
  • Networking, routers/hubs and storage
  • Audio-visual-gaming (amplifiers, set-top-boxes, media servers, etc.)
  • Heating, climate and ventilation

The Enado partnership ecosystem provides new partnerships and reciprocal opportunities. To find out more, contact Enado.