Controller Device running the Enado smart-home operating software

This connects to the various devices and systems to be controlled or monitored and delivers control user interfaces and video feeds to any screen with a Web browser--within, or outside, the home. The controller is located out of view along with the devices under control, following a modern smart-home approach to central location of services.

Control devices which access the Enado user interface.

Unlike traditional home control systems, the control interfaces can be viewed on any device running a compatible Web browser from any manufacturer using any operating system. These include any smart-phone, tablets, Internet TV or computer running a Web browser, such as: Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android-based phones or tablets, Blackberry products, Windows Phone devices, computers running Windows, Apple MacOS X, Linux, and so on.

System configuration and personalisation modes.

This allows the system to be configured specifically for the particular home and the preferences of the occupants. A system installer will perform most of this configuration but some preferences are user-modifiable.

A configuration can be changed at any time and it can also be created or changed remotely. Enado offers unparalleled options for simplifying control of TV, Cinema, Music, Blu Ray, Internet Media streams and distribution to multiple rooms.